The GAF Memo 35 EE is a 35mm film rangefinder made by Chinon for GAF (formerly Ansco) and produced between 1979-early 1980s.

It's a close copy of Konica C35 but with a sharp Chinonex lens. Another version was called the GAF Point Five. When Konica stopped making the Konica C35 they licensed the design to Chinon and possibly Cosina as well, as they also had a C35 clone called the Cosina 35 Compact E. It was also sold as Vivitar 35EE and named by Dixons in the UK as the Prinz 35-E. Chinon's made Konica 35 copy is Chinon 35EE.

Exposure is set automatically, exactly as on the Konica C35 (and in the same range), you set the lens ring to 'A' and that's it. There is no manual aperture or shutter operation. For flash photography you set the flash guide number on the lens barrel and focusing then is limited to the flash range at that ASA. It's precisely like the flashmatic system found on the contemporary Minolta Hi-Matic rangefinders and the Konica C35, mechanical it may be but it's practically foolproof. [1]


  • Lens: Chinon Chinonex 38mm f/2.7; aperture up to f/22; filter size 46mm
  • Focal range: 3.4' to infinity
  • Shutter: Chinon copy of Copal shutter (?) with speeds 1/30-1/650 +B
  • Viewfinder: coupled viewfinder/rangefinder
  • Exposure meter: lens mounted CdS with viewfinder needle (aperture and shutter)
  • Film speed range: ASA 25-500
  • Battery: originally 1.3v PX675 mercury
  • Hot-shoe and PC Sync
  • Self-timer
  • Fast-action wind lever

Notes and references[]

  1. Some info and specifications of the camera are as to Matt Denton