GAF is an acronym for General Aniline & Film, the new name of Ansco after 1967.

It was not a major manufacturer as such, but a brand name used in the US and UK for cameras (including cine cameras) built by other companies according to their own specifications. GAF sold several 35mm SLRs, rangefinders and viewfinder cameras. The SLRs and rangefinders were made by Chinon, and were functionally the same as Chinon models. Other formats may have been made by Haking, which bought the company (and the Ansco brand) in 1978.

GAF-branded SLRs[]

  • GAF L-14
  • GAF L-17 (has double exposure capability).
  • GAF L-CM (has double exposure capability).
  • GAF L-CS (rebranded Chinon CS)
  • GAF LC-X (a rebadged Chinon CX)
  • GAF L-ES (a rebadged Chinon CE Memotron)
  • GAF L-ES/2 (a rebadged Chinon CE II Memotron)

GAF-branded viewfinder and rangefinder cameras[]

GAF-branded non-35mm cameras[]

  • GAF 136 XF (126, cartridge camera, clone of Halina Signal Flash).
  • GAF 220 Instant Load (A 110 pocket camera)


  • GAF 220 at