Fuku Bōeki (福貿易) was a Japanese trading company based in Tokyo.[1] It distributed the Semi Renky and New Semi Renky from 1939 to about 1943, as well as other Renky products.

List of products Edit

  • Semi Renky, 4.5×6 camera
  • New Semi Renky, 4.5×6 camera
  • Renky enlarger, sold ¥70 in 1939 with a Renko 75/4.5 lens[2]
  • Renky enlarger model II, sold ¥80 in 1941 with a Renko 75/4.5 lens[3]
  • Renko 75/4.5 enlarging lens, sold alone for ¥24 in 1939[4]
  • Renky rangefinder, available in metres or in feet, sold ¥16 in 1941[5]

Notes Edit

  1. Its address from 1939 to 1941 was Tōkyō-shi Kyōbashi-ku Kyōbashi 3–4 Fukutoku building (東京市京橋区京橋三ノ四福徳ビル). Source: advertisements dated November 1939 and March 1941 reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p.104 and advertisement dated August 1941 reproduced in the Gochamaze website.
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Bibliography Edit

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