G.K. Fukada Shōkai (㈾深田商会, meaning Fukada Trading Company) was a Japanese sales company in the 1930s and early 1940s, based in Osaka.[1]

Prince brand[]

Fukada Shōkai distributed various cameras called "Prince" and it was certainly the owner of that brand name, at least before 1945. It used the name "Prince Camera Works" (プリンスカメラウアークス, Purinsu Kamera Uākusu) in original advertisements and on some products,[2] either in its full form or through a P.C.W. logo. It seems that this does not refer to any actual company, but was a mere dummy name, used for advertising purpose or to hide the real maker's name. This practice was not uncommon among Japanese distributors at the time (see the discussion at Camera Works).

The actual manufacturer of the prewar and wartime Prince cameras is known for sure only for some models. It is well established that the Semi Prince was made by Fujimoto Shashinki Seisakusho from 1934.[3] The Prince Flex was developed in 1937 by Neumann & Heilemann, and its production was soon taken over by Fujimoto (see Prince Flex). On that basis, some sources attribute to Fujimoto all the other cameras named Prince and associated with Prince Camera Works, an attribution which is currently unconfirmed.[4]

List of Prince cameras:


  • Prince auxiliary rangefinder, engraved PRINCE CAMERA WORKS, sold ¥11 in 1936 and ¥12.50 in 1938–9[5]

After the war, the company Mima Shōkai, a distributor based in Osaka too, re-used the trademarks "Prince" and "Prince Camera Works" and the associated PCW logo for the Princeflex and Prince Junior TLR, sold from 1953 to 1956. This Mima company was perhaps a successor of Fukada.

Doris brand[]

Before 1945 Fukada Shōkai certainly owned the brand name Doris too, and distributed the Doris (3×4) and Baby Doris cameras.[6] At least the Doris was advertised in a context associating it with the Prince cameras (it is called the "sister of the Semi Prince": セミプリンスの姉妹品).[7] This is perhaps why some sources mistakenly attribute these cameras to "Prince Camera Works".[8] The actual maker of these cameras is not known for sure: see the discussion in the corresponding pages.

Other distributed cameras[]

Imported products[]

Fukada Shōkai was an importer of the Ensign movie cameras in the early 1930s, together with Photo News Sha.[12]

Other products[]

  • Exact (エキザクト) tripod[13]


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