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The first in the ST series was the ST 701. Good for a 150,000 exp. First series no fixed flash shoe. Newer type with fixed hotshoe. Viewfinder eyeglasses and waistlevelfinder same type/size as Nikon FM. Rubbercloth horizontal focalplane shutter.Type 801 and ST 901 M42 screw mount with fixing-pin, for open aperture light measurement. New ST series ST 605 etc. Fuji introduced STX series with X-bayonetmount.

The Fujica ST901 was made in Japan by Fuji, and introduced in 1974. It is an SLR with TTL metered aperture priority auto exposure for film speeds from 32 to 3200ASA, and a shutter capable of speeds from 20s - 1/1000s. This was the top model in a range also including the ST605, ST705 and ST801[1].

The viewfinder has a ground glass focusing screen with both microprism and split image focusing aids, and numerical LED indicators for selected shutter speed[2]. Lenses are fitted via an M42 screw mount.