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FujicaCompact35 m01.jpg
FujicaCompact35 rear view.jpg

Automatic compact camera with an interesting design produced in 1967 in Japan and it cost 14.900 yen.

Basic features:

  • Very comfortable with the marks to parallax correction. In the viewfinder you will see four icons at the bottom of the viewfinder to focus, on the left side - the size of the aperture and shutter speed time, and the top of the meter pointer.
  • Fixed Fujinon 2.8/38mm. Classical focus ring. Minimum aperture f: 22
  • Selenium light meter that controls the correct lighting conditions, in addition to automatic mode, the option to manually set the aperture and shutter speed.
  • The camera works without any batteries!!
  • Very interesting design.
  • Choice of film speed on the back of the camera