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The original Fujica 35 (フジカ35) is a Japanese 35mm viewfinder-only folding camera, made as a prototype by Fuji Shashin Film in the 1950s. It is only known from two pictures in the special issue of Kurashikku Kamera Senka on Fuji cameras.[1] The exact date of manufacture is unknown, but it seems that this was Fuji's earliest 35mm design.


The camera is a horizontal folder. The folding bed is opened by a profiled button at the top, quite similar to that of the Super Fujica Six. The square front standard and strut assembly is similar to that of the Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 35 or Contessa 35. The back is hinged to the right for film loading

The viewfinder is contained in the top cover, and is slightly offset to the left, as seen by the photographer. There are wide and flat knobs an both ends; the advance knob is on the right and contains an exposure counter, and the rewind knob is on the left and contains a film reminder. The shutter release is at its usual location next to the advance knob. The accessory shoe is to the right of the viewfinder, and comes flush with the top cover. The name FUJICA 35 is engraved above the viewfinder and stamped on the outer face of the folding bed.

It is said that the camera was planned to have a front-cell focusing lens,[1] but the lens and shutter assembly is missing on the only known prototype, and the details are unknown. The prototype has part of the leatherette peeled off, and various screws missing.

It seems that the camera was not announced in any photographic magazine at the time,[2] and it is not known if other prototypes were made.


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The Fujica 35 folder is not listed in Sugiyama or in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.