Foton image by Alexander Komarov

Foton type 3 images by Alexander Komarov

Foton (ФОТОН) is a medium format rangefinder instant camera made by KMZ in Ukraine former USSR, produced between between 1969-76, with quantity 1,839 units.

It is the second instant camera made by USSR. Foton is a very boxy-looking plastic camera. While it uses the same film, the design of the back is very different from that of Polaroid cameras, and actually appears to be more compact (and possibly even slightly more convenient) than the usual Polaroid rollfilm camera back.

It take 73x96mm images with instant films Moment (USSR) and Polaroid type 42, 47, 48 (U.S.) films.

The Foton has a rangefinder, coupled to the Industar-77 120mm f5.6 lens and a leaf shutter with speeds of 1/125, 1/30 and B. The shutter is cocked by turning the lens surround, and the aperture control is a slider next to the bright frame viewfinder. Flash is catered for by both hot shoe and PC socket.

There are apparently at least three minor revisions of this camera sold at different times. Also, there are many experimental variants of the Foton camera that never produced serially. The Foton M is a prototype variation having a built-in light meter, with a window beside the viewfinder and readout on the top plate.

Foton M