Foto-Quelle of Nuremberg, Germany, is a large retailer of camera and photographic equipment. It sold a variety of film cameras produced by other manufacturers under the Revue and Revueflex brands. Originally founded in 1957 as a subsidiary of the large retailer Quelle, Foto-Quelle became Europe's largest photographic retailer by 1966 and in 1970, the world's largest.

Distributed cameras[edit | edit source]

original camera sold as
Konica Autoreflex Revue Auto-Reflex

Konica Auto S

Konica Auto S2 || Revue Auto S

Revue Auto S22

Bilora Bilomatic CA Revue-matic 350 CA
Chinon CE II Memotron Revueflex 5005
Komaflex-S Optomax-S
FED 3 Revue 3
Zenit 3M Revue 3M
FED 4 Revue 4
Salyut Revue 6x6
Zorki 10 Revue 10
Minolta-16 MG Revue 16
Revue 25
Revue 35 FC
Franka 125 L Revue 35 BL
Vivitar 35ES Revue 400SE
Praktica BMS Revue BC 2
Agfamatic 3000 Flash Pocket Revue flash pocket 300
Beirette Revue N
Revue Pocket 10
Revue Pocket 50
Revue Pocket 202
Revue Pocket 205 Minimatic
Revue Pocket 303
Konica FP Revue SR
Agfamatic 1008 tele pocket Revue tele pocket 150
Chinon AP700S Revue X1
Zenit E Revueflex E
Zenit EM Revueflex Em
Praktica MTL 5 B Revue ML

See also Revueflex.

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