Flickr, launched by Ludicorp in February 2004, is a photo sharing website and online community for photographers. The service hosts over 2 billion images[1] and is widely used across the globe by many as a photo repository.

Due to the popularity of Flickr, Yahoo! acquired Ludicorp and the services the company controlled, progressively incorporating Flickr into Yahoo!'s current offering. Since January 2007 all members are required to log into Flickr using a Yahoo! Account.

Camerapedia on Flickr[]

Camerapedia has its own public Flickr group with over 500 members (Q4 2007). Flickr members are encouraged to post any creative commons licensed images to the group pool that they wish to be used on Camerapedia. Group members are also able to discuss matters relating to the website, to cameras or photography in the forums.

Flickr on Camerapedia[]

Users who wish to submit images to Camerapedia articles can do so via Flickr. Form more information, see Adding Images

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