Fisher-Price is a major manufacturer of toys for children. Occasionally it has ventured into partnerships with manufacturers, including Kodak, in order to make fully-functional cameras specifically designed for children (larger grip surfaces, viewfinders used by both eyes etc). There have been several brightly coloured models for film and digital formats. Unfortunately, some of the models have generic names and can only be distinguished by their colour and design.


Wide range of model variations (see separate page).


35 mm[]

  • Fisher-Price Perfect Shot™ 35mm (1997-2000)
body: red/yellow/black, 35mm f6.8 ; binocular viewfinder [1]
  • Fisher-Price Perfect Shot (2000-2006)
body: blue/yellow/red; binocular viewfinder [2]
​Fisher-Price 35mm

body: red/black/yellow; binocular viewfinder



  • Fisher-Price Camera (1984-87)
body:cyan; manufcatured by Kodak[3]
  • Fisher-Price Perfect Shot Blue (1994-7)
body: blue with yellow & red trim; large handles; binocular viewfinder[4]
  • Fisher-Price Perfect Shot Pink (1995)
body: pink large handles; binocular viewfinder[5]

Thermal Paper[]

  • Creative Effects Camera 36 exposures. (1996-2001)[6]


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