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Ferrania Lince Super (1963).

Lince was a line of 35mm viewfinder cameras made in Germany by Dacora for Ferrania. Linces were all variations of Dacora cameras. The original Lince was introduced in 1960.

Lince Models[]

with approximate dates[1]

Model Introduced Lens Shutter Based on
Lince 1960 Dignar 45mm f2.8 / Steinhell Cassar 45mm f 2,8 Vario Dignette
Lince 2 1961 Cassar 45mm f2.8 Vario
Lince 3 1962 Cassar 45mm f2.8 Vario or Prontor 250
Lince 3S 1962 Cassar 45mm f2.8 Prontor 250S
Lince Rapid 1965 Dignar anastigmat ? Dacora D 202 rapid (rapid film)
Lince Super 1963 Cassar 45mm f2.8 Prontor 500 LK Super Dignette
Lince Super T 1963 -as Super, with meter- Super Dignette E-B
Lince Supermatic 1962 Rodenstock 45mm f2.8 Prontor-Matic with auto-exposure Dacora CC
  1. from McKeown
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Ferrania Lince Super (1963).