The Felinette, Felicette, Felicetta were 35mm film viewfinder cameras made by Vredeborch, introduced in 1959. Felinette name was changed in 1960 as Felicette, and renamed again as Felicetta in 1965.


Model names and info according to McKeown [1]

  • Introduced in 1959
  • Bright frame finder
  • No sprocket wheel (results an irregular frame distance)
  • Lens: Nordinar or Steiner 45mm f/3.5 aperture f/3.5-f/22
  • Three-speed shutter, 1/30-1/60-1/125 +B
  • Fake lightmeter


  • Introduced in 1960
  • A Felinette with a new name
  • Lens: Color-Anastigmat Nordina or Nordinar
  • Early models have chrome lens ring
  • Late models have black ring
  • Camera rebadged for other distributors, eg. Prinz Pilot for Dixons

Felicette L[]

  • Intoduced in c.1963
  • A Felicette with a hinged flash reflector on the top

Photo in G.Even Collection [1]


  • Introduced in 1965
  • A Felicette with a new name

Felicetta (black)[]

Vredeborch Felicetta black

  • Introduced in c.1972
  • Black model of Felicetta
  • Covered on the outside 3M Nextel Velvet Coating
  • Also sold under Neckermann name

Felicetta (grey)[]

  • Same with black Felicetta but gray covering

Felicetta BL 35[]

Felicetta BL 35

More info for Felicetta BL 35

  • Introduced in 1965
  • A Felicetta but has real Selenium meter

Felicetta BL 35 (black)[]

  • Introduced in c.1972
  • Same with BL 35 but black covering

Felicetta L[]

  • Same as the Felicette L

Felicetta L (black)[]

  • Same with black Felicetta but a hinged flash reflector on the top

Notes and references[]

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  • in G.Even Collection [2]
  • Vredeborch in Sylvain Halgand Collection
  • in optiksammlung by Christian Zahn [3]