Feinmess is a German optical company based in Dresden. It was founded by Gustav Heyde in 1872 under his own name, and made optical and mechanical precision devices. It became nationalized by the East German state in 1949. Then it was named VEB Feinmess. The company still exists today, of course not as "VEB". As Feinmess Dresden GmbH it makes various measuring instruments, positioning systems and optical devices.

The Gustav Heyde GmbH made the HEYDE Photo-Telemeter, an accessory rangefinder with a wide measuring range.

Only two Feinmess camera lenses are known: the 105/4.5 Bonotar and the 105/6.3 Bonar, both made to help equipping the user-friendly Belfoca folding camera series of Belca with approriate lenses. Designer of the Bonotar was Claus Lieberwirth. It was also used for Beirax cameras of Beier. From 1954 to 1959 the Bonotar was offered as M42 screw mount lens (see 42mm screw lenses), as Exakta bayonet mount lens (see Exakta lenses), and as Praktina bayonet lens. Other camera optics of Feinmess were the pentaprisms it made for Exa and Exakta cameras.

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