The FT-2 (Cyrillic: ФТ-2) is a Russian panorama camera, made by KMZ between 1958 & 1968. It takes 12 24x110mm exposures on a length 35mm film intended for 36 normal-sized frames, loaded into special cassettes. The lens swings through 120°, spreading the image across a curved film plane. The viewfinder is simple metal frame with a central target, which folds over the back of the camera when not in use. In front of the viewfinder is a circular orange spirit level.

It was exported under the names "Spiratone", "Panorama" and "Spaceview". 16,662 were made[1]. The shutter speed is set by positioning two levers, as shown on a plate on the top of the camera. The film is advanced independently of the shutter, using a metal knob. There are three designs of shutter winder; early versions have a single-arm lever, with a narrow shaft and a wider end; after this, a tapering lever, then late models (as in the photo) have a "butterfly" two-armed winder.

  • Lens: 50mm f/5 Industar-22, fixed aperture
  • Shutter: 1/100, 1/200, 1/400s

Horizont, successor of the FT-2, and early type FT-2 size comparison.