Mikron 1967 type 1a

Mikron type 1a (1967) image by Alexander Komarov

FED Mikron (ФЭД Микрон) is a 35mm film half-frame viewfinder camera made by FED in the USSR and produced between 1967-85 with quantity of 110.000 units.

It is also known as FED-30. This camera is nearly identical to the Konica EYE half-frame camera of the same period.

It had fully automatic exposure controlled by a selenium meter around the lens. The lens was a Helios-89 30mm/f1.9. Later models have a removable back and a silk-screened ФЭД Микрон on the front; earliest models have engraved ФЭД on the top plate and Микрон on the front and a hinged back. There are intermediate models that have ФЭД Микрон engraved on the front and a hinged back.

  • Series of camera: Mikron[1]
  • There are 7 types and 4 sub-types of the camera [2]
FED Micron 06
FED Micron 05
FED Micron 02
FED Micron 04
Mikron manual


Data belongs to the type 5a in the photos.

  • The normal covering of the camera is black, but this camera has been recovered in red.
  • Lens: Helios-89 30mm f/1.9; filter thread 46mm
  • Aperture: up to f/16
  • Setting: fully auto-exposure; on the camera you never know what f-stop gets set; for manual flash use the ring and scale on the lens
  • Focus range: 1-10m + inf
  • Focusing: manual, ring and scale on the lens, ring clicks on the portrait, three-quarter portrait, group and landscape distances, their symbols visible in the finder, w/ handle for easy using
  • Shutter: leaf shutter, speeds: 1/30-1/800, speeds visible in the finder
  • Setting : Auto and B (f/1.9 and 1/30); fully auto-exposure; At 1/30 the f-stop is f1.9; at 1/800 the f-stop is f16. In manual mode for flash use, the apertures can be set manually with a 1/30 shutter.
  • Shutter release: on the top plate, w/ cable release socket
  • Cocking lever: also winds the film, short stroke, on the top plate
  • Frame counter: auto-reset, additive type, window on the top plate, not works wo/ the film in the camera
  • Viewfinder: bright frame finder, parallax correction frames, symbols of portrait, three-quarter portrait, group and landscape visible in the finder with index mark moves when turning the focus ring
  • Exposure meter: Selenium cell meter around the lens, fully automatic speed and aperture controlled, sets the shutter speed and the f-stop in a programmed exposure mode.
  • Film speed range: 16-250 GOST (approximately ISO 18-300); setting: by a thumb wheel on the back of the top plate, window on the top plate
  • Exposure setting: set the aperture ring to Auto (A), press the shutter relase (before cocking) and check the speed in the finder by index mark , if light conditions is not appropriate a red flag occurs on the speed scale, in this case the shutter not works,
  • Re-wind lever: folding crank, on the top plate
  • Re-wind release: button on the bottom plate
  • Flash PC socket: on front of the camera
  • Cold-shoe: none
  • Self-timer: none
  • Back cover: removable, opens by a small button beside the rewind lever
  • Tripod socket: ¼”
  • Hand strap lug
  • Body: metal; Weight: 445g
  • Serial no. on the lens

Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. As to Alexander Komarov

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