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FAP was a French camera maker from 1938 to the end of the 1940s. It was based in Suresnes near Paris and its full name was Fabrique d'Appareils Photographiques (simply means "camera maker"). Its first model was the Norca A, that was the first 24x36 camera made in France, inspired by the Argus A.

After the war, FAP produced other Norca models and the small Norca Pin-Up, an evolution of the Rower, inspired by the Univex A. Many people say that the Rower was also made by FAP from 1936, this is discussed in the Rower page.

Vial suggests that the Longchamp and Auteuil 3x4 pseudo TLR cameras, sold by Boumsell, were made by FAP. They were copies of American cameras made by Monarch, as Sylvain Halgand points out here. If they were indeed made by FAP, it looks like they specialized in copying American designs.

FAP made the Rapid-Synchro synced shutter from 1s to 1/500 for the Norca B and C, according to Vial they sold it to other companies as well, and this shutter is mentioned in an ad shown here.

35mm viewfinder[]

Normal film cartridge:

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