Exakta VX500 is a 35mm film SLR camera manufactured by Ihagee Kamerawerk Steenbergen & Co, Dresden, former East Germany and produced between 1969-72.

See also Exakta Kine and Varex Series list.

  • Version 8; There are 2 sub-versions [1] [2]
  • Simplified version of Exakta VX1000
  • Specifications same with the Exakta VX1000, except:
    • Speeds 1/30-1/500, +B, no long speeds
    • View finder SLR penta prism finder P.3, w/ a triangular red indicator appears in the top-right of the viewfinder when the shutter required winding
    • Flash PC socket: two, F and X, sync.1/40, flash symbol on the speeds dial
    • No film cutting knife

Notes and references[]

  1. The classification of Exaktas in this page is according to Andrzej Wrotniak
  2. Notes about Exa/Exakta classification:from F.W. Tappe Andrzej Wrotniak made a very sensible classification, listed on his website. It is multi dimensional in setup, without being complicated.. Richard Hummel's 1995 book lists an "one dimensional" classification, which is incomplete, but many sources still refer to this. Aguila and Rouah (A&R) in their 2003 edition of "Exakta cameras 1933 - 1978", come to an improved classification. They built on their previous 1987 edition classification, which was the leading standard among collectors. Klaus Wichmann, prolific writer of books about Exakta - and Exa cameras, published his classifications earliest.