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The Exakta RTL 1000 is a 35mm SLR that was made in Dresden, Germany by Pentacon.

  • TYPE: 35mm eye-level single lens reflex.
  • MANUFACTURER: Kombinat VEB Pentacon Dresden, former East Germany.
  • LENS: 50mm f/1.8 Meyer Optik with interchangeable bayonet mount, stops to f/16, focusing to 14 in.
  • SHUTTER: Metal focal-plane with speeds from 8 to 1/1000 sec plus B, FPX sync, self-timer.
  • VIEWING: Interchangeable eye-level pentaprism; interchangeable full focusing screen, central microprism, fine focusing collar.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Mercury battery-powered CdS exposure meter, behind lens, measures entire picture area at full aperture or stopped-down aperture, accessory left-hand release shaft for external Exakta lenses with internal automatic release for current lens system, depth-of-field preview button.
  • PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: 5 5/8 in. long, 4 3/8 in. high, 3 5/8 in deep (front of lens to camera back) WEIGHT: 2 lb. 3 oz.