The Eumigetta is a sturdy all-metal Austrian viewfinder camera for 6x6cm exposures on 120 roll film manufactured by Eumig in the early 1950s. It was made available in several colors and with slightly different specifications. It has a front focusing Eumar lens with iris and a simple lens shutter in a collapsible lens barrel. The shutter release button with integral wire-release threads is next to the top mounted reverse Galilean viewfinder which is centred directly above the lens.

Four Variants[]

Four variants were made available simultaneously; one with relaxed specifications and three of different color finish:

  • Eumigetta I - Camera with single speed shutter and Eumar 1: 5.6 f = 80mm
  • Eumigetta II Black - B, 1/25 to 1/200 sec. shutter and Eumar 1: 3.5 f = 80mm
  • Eumigetta II Green - Camera with similar specificastions as above
  • Eumigetta II Off- white - Camera with similar specificastions as above