Ernemann's Klapp-Cameras were made from 1901 to 1924. The cameras were strut folding plate cameras with focal plane shutter, focusable lens and collapsible Newton finder. The camera model was available in different sizes, for plate sizes 6.5×9cm, 9×12cm, 4×5", 8×10.5cm and 10×15cm.

Miniature variants were the Miniatur-Klapp cameras for the 4.5×6cm plate format. In 1924 a rigid body variant of the Miniatur-Klapp was launched, the legendary Ermanox.

Ernemann Miniatur-Klapp 4,5x6[]

The Ernemann's Miniatur-Klapp 4,5x6 were in production from 1920 to 1925. This is miniature version of the Klapp camera for 4,5x6 plates or film packs. Self-casing camera with split cover Newton finder and simplified focal plane shutter design, more like the Ermanox. In this version the shutter speed is only up to 1/1000 sec. Lens board with horizontal shift.

Very advanced for its time the miniature camera was light and small enough to compete with ordinary Vest-Pocket cameras. Dimensions of 4 x 7,5 x 10 cm and weight only about 0,680 kg.

Produced with 7 types of lenses:

1. Ernemann Ernotar 1:4,5 75mm

2. Ernemann Ernon 1:3,5 75mm

3. Ernemann Ernostar 1:2,7 75mm

4. Voigtlander Heliar 1:4,5 75mm

5. Voigtlander Heliar 1:3,5 75mm

6. Zeiss Tessar 1:4,5 75mm

7. Zeiss Tessar 1:3,5 75mm

Note: There is earlier version of the Ernemann Miniature-Klapp (1913-1920) with more complicated focal-plane shutter (5 knobs/levers on side) and top speed of 1/2500 sec.