Ensign Ranger is a series of 120 film vertical folding cameras made by Houghtons in England, under their Ensign brand. The Ranger has a similar body to the contemporary Selfix 8/20, but with a cheaper lens and shutter. The body has a folding frame finder. The top plate carries the film advance knob, and a similar knob on the feed spool and the finder; the shutter release is a small button set radially on the edge of the shutter block. The knobs lift to release the film spools.

The original model was introduced c.1948[1], with a black crackle-finish body. The opening button is on the bottom plate.

The 1951 Ensign Ranger II was restyled with chromed plates (as on the Special) and leatherette covered front and back, larger knobs and a simplified design on the lens surround, and replaced the leather carrying handle with a plastic one. The opening button is moved to the top plate. The name is embossed in the leatherette, on the front above the bellows - instead of under the lens block. A cable release socket is fitted below the release button. In 1952 it cost £12-19s-6d.[2] Some Ranger IIs are fitted with an upgraded f3.8 Ross Xpres lens.

The 1953 Ensign Ranger Special had a chromed top-plate and a Rosstar or Ensar f/4.5 lens in an Epsilon four-speed shutter, costing £13-18s-3d. The Special had an albada optical folding finder, and provision for 6x6 as well as 6x9cm frames[3].

  • Shutter: Ensign Trikon, 1/25-1/100 +B & T
  • Lens: Ensar Anastigmat 105mm f6.3 or f3.8 Ross Xpres (Ranger II only)
  • Film: 120, 8 6x9cm frames