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The Box Ensign 2¼B was made by Houghton-Butcher in the UK around 1923[1]. It took 2¼×3¼ (6×9cm) negatives on 120 film (Ensign 2¼B film). It has a simple rotary I/T shutter. There was also a 2¼A model, for 2¼ square images.

There seem to have been at least three models, one with a meniscus lens, another with a Rapid Rectilinear (RR) lens, with a choice of three (unlabelled) apertures selected by a slider above the shutter release. Some versions have a plug-type lens cap, made of leatherette-covered card, attached by a string to the lens surround. The third model was manufactured under licence for Australia and New Zealand under the "HR Ton" trademark. This model did not include the wire view finder. Ensign model details were only included on a sticker on the inside.

There are two Watson-type finders and a wire frame finder which folds down over the front.

It was available in black, or a leather-grain effect brown.

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