Elikon 535 is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Vilejka for MMZ (BeLomo) and introduced in 1990.

It is initially created as Elikon 5 with built-in flash. Elikon 5 was a prototype camera and very few samples released in 1989.

Some featuresEdit

  • Focusing: estimated by symbols, ranging from 1.2m-inf
  • Combined shutter/aperture unit with speeds estimated by weather symbols (1/90-1/512)
  • Lens: Minar-2 35mm f/3.8
  • Aperture value and shutter speed are interrelated and can not be changed independently
  • Metering: manual by wether symbols,
  • Film speed range: GOST 50-400, setting button on the bottom plate
  • Aperture up to f/16
  • Body is plastic

There is a gray body version of the camera.

Elikon series modelsEdit


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