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Elega-sha (エレガ社) was a Japanese company at the end of the 1930s. Its name appears in a 1938 advertisement for the Semi Elega 4.5×6 folder and the Elega darkroom chemicals.[1] In this advertisement, the address was a postal box in Osaka.

Elega accessories were offered for sale by the distributor by Doi Shōten as early as 1939.[2] After the war, the Elegaflex, Elega-35, Elega enlarger and maybe other Elega items were distributed by Doi Shōten and later Nittō Shashin Yōhin from 1951 to 1954.[3] Doi Shōten certainly bought the name Elega or the company Elega-sha at some early time, or Doi was perhaps the new name of Elega-sha.


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