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Eikōdō (栄光堂) was a Japanese distributor, active as early as 1935. Until the war, it used the name Eikōdō Honten (榮光堂本店 in old writing) and distributed the Collex, National and Ugein folders. Its address at the time was Kanda-ku Nishi-Kanda (神田区西神田) 1–1 in Tokyo.

After the war, the company was revived as Maki Shōji (槇商事) and used the name Eikōdō (栄光堂) again only from 1953. It distributed the Ruvinal folder (a continuation of the wartime Ugein) and the Ruvinal Flex TLR. Its address from 1951 to 1954 was Chūō-ku Maki-chō (中央区槇町) 1–1, again in Tokyo.

Camera list[]

  • Need (6.5×9 plate folder)
  • Collex (4.5×6 folder)
  • National (4×6.5 and 3×4 folder)
  • Semi National (4.5×6 folder)
  • National Six (6×6 folder)
  • Ugein (4.5×6 folder)
  • Ugein (6×6 folder)
  • Ugein (6×6 and 4.5×6 folder)
  • Ruvinal (6×6 and 4.5×6 folder)
  • Ruvinalflex (6×6 TLR)


  • Asia DO enlarger (sold ¥85 in 1937)
  • Gelmer or Gelmar filters (sold from 1938 to 1943)

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