The camera out of the cool - let's better say: out of nowhere!

Where in the world, in the universe or whereelse is this camera made? It bears no "made in ..."-hint. It bears a brand name that lost its originating company and since then vagabonds through our globalized economy on such identityless camera items. O. K., we should respect that it has a type name: Tecno : This type name is referring to one of the most soul-less music forms in human history: Electronic noise with a rhythm that would be praised much too much if we would call it primitive or rudimentary. But that name gives the camera at least a rudimentary identity, saying us at least in which period it was produced: In the late 1990s, when popularity of Tecno was at its peak, the years before the internet bubble at the stock market crashed, when people dreamed of easily becoming rich and didn't care for quality of life, for quality of music. But accidentally a new quality of life arose out of that behaviour: The event culture. Millions came to Berlin's Love Parade, just to move in a big mass of more or less young people - to the sounds of tecno. Maybe this camera, sold with a manual in German, was a special product sold to the tourists which came to these events. So this camera seems to be pityfully identityless, but may have been part of those now historical events.


  • Type: focus free point-and-shot camera
  • Manufacturer: somebody, who?
  • Year of launch: ca. 2000
  • Film: 35mm, DX-coded, with speeds 100 to 400 ASA
  • Lens: "Edixa" 1:6/30mm lens with 3 elements, focus and aperture fixed for depth of field from 1.5m to infinity. The lens cover shifter is the camera's on-off switch
  • Shutter: Speed 1/60 sec.
  • Viewfinder: large optical finder
  • Film advance: motorized, mechanical exposure counter window on top
  • Flash: added automatically, can be kept off by holding the off-button, or forced to fire by holding the anti-red-eye-LED's on-button while pressing the shutter release
  • Dimensions: 119×75×44mm
  • Weight: 170 g, without the two AA batteries
  • Accessories: little bag

The camera seems to be equal to the ebench KH 30 which is imported to Germany by the trading company Kompernaß, maybe for the big German supermarket chains.


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