Eder Präzisionskamera GmbH were a camera maker in Munich, Germany - active in the 1930s.

The only well-known model was the Eder Patent-Kamera, c.1933 - an odd "double-barrelled" folding camera with two sets of bellows, one for the taking and one for the viewfinder lens - making it a TLR. This was made in 4.6x6cm, 6x6cm and 6x9cm sizes, and in roll film and plate versions[1]. It was delivered with a Tessar f4.5, Schneider Radionar f4.5 or Xenar f4.5 in a Compur shutter as the camera lens and with an Edar f4.5 Anastigmat or Radionar f4.5 as the finder lens.


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