The Efekta was a Czech Bakelite medium format box camera made by Druopta in Prague and introduced c.1950.

The Efekta featured a flip up viewfinder; the shutter-release was hidden under this to prevent accidental exposures when closed. The body came apart as two halves for loading the 120 film. Images were 6x6cm. The camera seems to have been made in black and dark red/brown. Some examples seem to have an orange shutter speed control knob, but knob colour variations may just be fading due to age.

The shutter was flash syncronised, and had speeds of 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100 + B. Winding the film cocked the shutter, preventing double-exposures. The 70mm f/8 Druoptar lens was fixed focus but had stops marked down to f/22 (the f22 mark is possibly a dummy).