Doryu Camera Company Ltd. or Doriu Kamera K.K. (ドリウカメラ㈱)[1] was a Japanese company, which made the Doryu 1 and Doryu 2-16 pistol-shaped cameras.

The company began to research pistol-shaped cameras in 1949, with some degree of official support, certainly from the Japanese police forces.[2] The first model was the Doryu 1, taking 9.5mm film, completed in 1952.[3] It was never produced and the development team switched to the Doryu 2-16 on the same year, taking 16mm film.[4] The new model was completed in July 1954,[5] but was not retained by the police forces, who preferred the competing Mamiya Pistol.[6] The camera was released to the general public instead, even if it was not meeting any obvious need. In 1955, the company advertised the camera from an address in Tokyo, Shinagawa.[7] It seems that late advertisements were placed by the company Nihon 16-miri Shashin Kōgyō K.K. (日本16粍写真工業㈱, meaning Japanese 16mm Photo Industries), certainly a successor to Doryu Camera.[8]


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