Spécial "937" is a medium format folding camera made by DeMaria-Lapierre.

Camera built from the body shell of a Dehel camera.

Introducing date is uncertain, but it is shown on an ad dated 1937, and the name "937" might come from year 1937[1].


  • Format: roll 120 film, 6x9cm
  • Lens: meniscus, Achromatic Superieur
  • Aperture: two settings, mini/maxi
  • Shutter: one speed rotary shutter, pose/inst (B/I)
  • Shutter release on top of the shutter
  • Viewfinder: Brilliant finder

Some examples seem to be fitted for a carry-strap at the top; the example shown and that in the ad are not.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Sylvain Halgand shows this ad and lists the film size as 620; the example pictured here has too large a drive shaft for 620 spools.


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