Daitoh Optical Co. or Daitō Kōgaku Seisakusho[1] was apparently a Japanese camera maker. Its English name is reportedly inscribed on the Grace, an inexpensive 6×6 camera related to the Ponix.[2]

Other cameras attributed to the company by McKeown are the Shumy (a probable successor of the Ponix), the Glitt 35 (a 35mm viewfinder camera) and the Petit (a subminiature). The same source also mentions the Grace Six, but this is probably a mistake and this camera is certainly a name variant or an evolution of the Gotex, made by Kigawa.[3]


  1. A plausible writing would be 大東光学製作所.
  2. Post about the Grace in a toXpose forum.
  3. McKeown, pp. 239–40. Thre is probably a confusion because of the "Grace" name. Kigawa also made a 6×6 TLR called Graceflex in 1952. This page at attributes both the Grace Six and the Graceflex to Daitoh, but this source is inaccurate for Japanese cameras.