The Subita was a medium format folding camera with optical viewfinder for type 120 film rolls. It is the first one of the Dacora 120 film folding cameras series. [1]


  • Year of launch: 1953
  • Manufacturer: Dacora
  • Film: type 120 film rolls
  • Viewfinder: optical viewfinder
  • Lens: Subita 75mm f/6.3 Anastigmat, distances 1m to infinite
  • Shutter: Singlo shutter with speeds 1/25, 1/75, + B, and with flash connector. Cocked on the long shifting travel of the release lever
  • Aperture: sonnig (sunny=1:11) and trüb (dull=1:6.3)

Dacora Optina is a name variation of Subita and made for the Canadian Eaton stores' camera brand Optina.

120 film folding models[]

Notes and references[]

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