The Dacora-Matic 4D is a very special 35mm viewfinder camera made by Dacora. It has 4 shutter release buttons, each for a special subject distance. 4D means 4 distances. Pressing one of the release buttons rotates an internal lens element to set the focus, then fires the shutter. Each release button is marked with a distance symbol, and distances in feet (as in photo above) or metres marked on the body beside the buttons. The selenium meter controls aperture automatically, with the option of manual override. Shutter speed is dependent on the selected film speed.

The Dacora-Matic was also sold by Ilford in Britain as the Ilford Sportsmaster[1], and by Hanimex as the Hanimex Electra II[2].


  • Manufacturer: Dacora
  • Type: half automatic viewfinder camera
  • Film: 35mm
  • Year of launch: 1960
  • Lens: Dacora Dignar 1:2.8/45mm or Steinheil Cassar 45mm/2.8, or Hanimar f/2.8 45 mm
  • Shutter: Prontor-Lux with speeds 1/30 to 1/200 sec. and "B"
  • Exposure: automatic aperture, controlled by Bertram selenium meter
  • Focusing: Focus selectable by one of the four shutter release buttons, 1.5m to infinity
  • viewfinder: optical with mirror surface for self portraits and bright-line with parallax correction marks and central cross.