Crystar, later Crystal, was a Japanese camera maker of the 1950s.


The company was perhaps founded in 1953, under the name Crystar Kōki K.K. (クリスター光機㈱, Kurisutā Kōki K.K.), and first made the Crystar Flex TLR, distributed by Iwato Shōkai.[1]

The Sister Six folder was released in early 1954; at least one original document attributes it to Sister Kōgaku Kōgyō (シスター光学工業);[2] this might be a separate company which merged into Crystar Kōki.

The products of Crystar Kōki were distributed by Sumimitsu in early 1954 and by Lista Shōkai in the middle of the year.[3] The address of the company at the time was Arakawa-ku Mikawashima 5–354 (荒川区三河島5–354) in Tokyo.[4]

The company name became K.K. Crystal (㈱クリスタル, K.K. Kurisutaru) between August and October 1954.[5] The address remained unchanged until 1957.[6] The last model of the company was the Crystar 35-S viewfinder camera. All trace is lost after August 1957.[7]

Not all cameras called Crystar were made by this company, and the Crystar 45 TLR distributed by Sumimitsu in mid-1954 was made by Ōshiro Seisakusho. It is not known whether the Hit-type Crystar camera is related to Crystar Kōki.

6×6 TLR[]

  • Crystar Flex
  • Crystar 25
  • Crystar IIA
  • Gendis-I, Gendis-II[8]

4.5×6 folders[]

6×6 folders[]

35mm viewfinder[]

  • Crystar 35 K
  • Crystar 35-S


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