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Coronet was formed around 1926 by F. W. Pettifer in Aston, Birmingham and mainly manufactured large numbers of cheap box and folding cameras. Many of its cameras were distributed via premium schemes or mail order catalogues. Most of its pre-war box cameras and post 1945 plastic moulded cameras appear with different nameplates and lens panel styles. The company linked up with Tiranty of Paris after WWII to produce cameras and avoid French import restrictions. These cameras usually have ‘Made in France’, some with Boyer lenses, and French instructions on controls and include the models, Rapide, Le Polo, Weekend and Fildia. Throughout its life the firm produced various Coronet accessories, flash units, close up filters and viewers and its own Coronet film in 120 and 127 sizes. Close links exist between Coronet, Standard Cameras Ltd. and Conway Cameras with molds and body parts being interchangeable, however the complete extent of this link is not known. Over 50 different types of Coronet cameras exist. In 1946 the company was incorporated becoming Coronet Ltd. The company ceased production in 1967. Standard Cameras Ltd. traded between 1931-1955. The factory building in Aston still stands. There are still many of these cameras around today and they are collectable but of low value due to the numbers manufactured. Some of Coronets most attractive models are from around the 1950s, when Coronet used bakelite and metal (From Coronet Co.)

See also the articles Tiranty Folding Cameras (Coronet) and Tiranty Box Cameras (Coronet).


Folding (120)[]

Coronet Box Cameras[]

See the article Coronet Box Cameras for detailed info and photos of them.

  • Ajax
  • Ambassador
  • Box 020
  • Box No.2
  • Captain
  • Consul
  • Conway
  • Crown
  • D20 Box
  • Diadem Box No.2
  • Every Distance 16
  • F-20 Coro-Flash
  • Gratispool
  • Portrait
  • Portrait No.2 Box
  • Rex Flash
  • Toni-Box
  • Twelve-20 (pseudo TLR)
  • Varsity Box No.2
  • Xcel


  • Coronet 3-D


126 film[]

  • Coromatic 50


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