See also the Convex Reflex SLR camera.

The name Convex or Convex-Rapid is found on some Japanese leaf shutters of the 1940s and 1950s. All these shutters are linked to the company Motodori, later Tōkyō Seiki, which was certainly the owner of the "Convex" brand; it is not known if these shutters were actually made by this company or by a third party.

Versions and cameras equipped[]

This list is perhaps incomplete, and not all the versions of the cameras were equipped with a Convex shutter.

  • Convex-Rapid (T, B, 1–300), advertised in 1942–3 on the Zeitax
  • Convex-Rapid (B, 1–500, synchronized), announced in 1951–2 on the Semi Rocket
  • Convex (B, 10–200, synchronized), observed on the Doris-P
  • Convex (B, 1–200, synchronized), observed on the Doris Six II