The Colora is a 35mm viewfinder camera made in Germany by Zeiss Ikon, taking 24×36mm frames "on usual cartridges".[1]

1960 model[]

The first model was introduced in c.1960;[2] the layout is generally similar to the Zeiss Ikon Continette, but with an added viewfinder window to illuminate the finder's bright-line. It has Zeiss' combined shutter-release/frame-counter button on the top-plate. Film is advanced by lever, and rewound with a large knob on the top.

  • Introduced: 1960
  • Withdrawn: 1962
  • Lens: Novar 45mm f/3.5
  • Shutter: Pronto, 1/30–1/250 +B with self-timer and flash sync for bulbs (at 1/30) + electronic (at all speeds) [1]
  • Catalogue number: 10.0629

1963 model[]

The 1963 body shape is quite like contemporary models made by sister company Voigtländer, such as the Vito C and Vitoret — with which it shares some parts. It was in production from 1963-1965. The Colora F (1964-65, cat no 10.0641) was similar, but with the addition of an AG-1 flash bulb holder in the top plate, hidden under the accessory shoe (and so also slightly taller to accommodate the flash battery).[2]

  • Introduced: 1963
  • Withdrawn: 1965
  • Shutter: Prontor 125; speeds 1/30–1/125 + B, with X flash sync, no self-timer
  • Lens: Novicar 50mm f/2.8, stopping to f/22, focusing down to 1m
  • Catalogue number: 10.0623

Compared to the earlier model, the 1963 has a lower-spec shutter and a lighter build with more plastic parts. The shutter release is the grey plastic device on the front; under this is a cable release socket. The button on the top is the rewind release. The frame counter is now in the base; it counts down, and must be manually set to the size of the film. The rewind knob is much shallower than that of the 1961 model, and sits on top of the top plate, without the 1961's recess.


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