Point and shoot camera that has a barn door. Similar effect to photos taken with Lomo L-CA.

Uses a dedicated flash, S-120. Barn door is activated with the knob at the single stroke film winder.

Limited edition is available in the market. Similar design but fitted with red suede leather. Barn door is decorated with a horse pulling a carriage.


  • Lens: Chinonex Color 35mm, f/2.8 (4 elements in 3 groups).
  • Focusing: Manual scale focusing with Zone Focus Marks - 3.3ft/1m - infinity
  • Shutter: SEIKO Program EE Shutter, Speeds from 1/8 to 1/1000 sec.
  • Exposure Meter: Cds EE Exposure System, EV6 - 17(ASA 100), ASA25-400 (DIN 15 - 27)
  • Film format: 35mm
  • Film advance: Single-Stroke Manual.
  • Flash: Dedicated Chinon S-120 Side Mounting
  • Dust Cover: Dust cover opens and closes with the film advance lever. Meter switch is activated while the dust cover is fully opened.
  • Battery Check: Built-In Green LED
  • Slow Shutter Speed Warning: Built-In Red LED
  • Power: Two Alkaline 1.5V LR44 or Two 1.5V Silver Oxide SR44 Batteries.
  • Weight: 220g (8.8 oz.)