Chinon Industries Inc. was established in 1948 and incorporated in 1953. The company started as a camera components manufacturer and diversified into optical equipment and computer peripheral equipment. In 1997, long-time partner Eastman Kodak Company became Chinon's majority shareholder by increasing its stake to 50.1%. As part of Kodak Group's global network, the new Chinon Industries Inc. focused its optical, image compression, and other imaging technologies on digital camera design and development. Chinon produced a series of digital camera models for Kodak, and in October of 2000, Kodak increased its share of Chinon to 59.02%.  Chinon is now renamed Kodak Japan Ltd and, following Kodak's withdrawal from the camera market, now specialises in optical display film for electronic display devices.

35mm SLR[]

  • Chinon CA-4
  • Chinon CE II Memotron
  • Chinon CE Memotron
  • Chinon CE-3 Memotron
  • Chinon CE-4
  • Chinon CE-4s
  • Chinon CE-5
  • Chinon CG-5
  • Chinon CM-1
  • Chinon CM-3
  • Chinon CM-4
  • Chinon CM-5
  • Chinon CM-7
  • Chinon CP-5 / CP-5s
  • Chinon CP-6
  • Chinon CP-7m (only program K-mount body using just standard K-mount lenses)
  • Chinon CP-9AF
  • Chinon CP-X
  • Chinon CS
  • Chinon CS-4
  • Chinon CX
  • Chinon CX II
  • Chinon DP-5
  • Chinon DSL
  • Chinon Genesis (GS-7)
  • Chinon Genesis II (GS-8)
  • Chinon Genesis III
  • Chinon Genesis IV
  • Chinon M-1
  • Chinon SLR
  • Chinonflex TTL

35mm Power Winders[]

  • Chinon PW

Chinon info back[]

  • Chinon info back 2 (data back)
  • Chinon info back 3 (Interval timer)

Point & Shoot[]



  • Chinon Auto GS-320