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Chūyūsha Honten (忠勇社本店) was a Japanese distributor active in the early 1920s. Its address in 1922 was Kanda-ku Suehiro-machi in Tokyo (東京神田区末広町).[1] An advertisement dated April 1922 lists a number of products reportedly made by the Chūyūsha factory:[2]

  • Smith camera (スミスカメラ)
  • Uekutori I and II cameras (ウエクトリ一號、二號カメラ)
  • Victor camera (ビクターカメラ)
  • Kinen S camera (キネンS號カメラ)
  • Shakō camera (写交カメラ)
  • Model A camera (A號暗函)
  • Model H camera (H號暗函)
  • Special A camera (スペシャルA號暗函)
  • yatsugiri and yotsugiri cameras (八ッ切四ッ切形暗函)
  • Combination Paff for 120 film (ブロニー用コンビネーションパッフ)
  • flashguns, processing tanks, film pack adapters, etc.

No illustration is provided, and nothing else is known about these cameras.


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  2. Advertisement in Ars Camera April 1922. All the names are given in Japanese writing only, and none of the Roman names is confirmed.


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