The KB 24 compact camera was produced by the German maker Certo-Kamera-Werk of Dresden in the early 1960s.
The camera was practically a twin version of the popular Certo SL 100, with nearly the same external appearance. It also used 35 mm film, had 24x24 mm square frame size and was equipped with a f/11 fixed focus lens, while the shutter offered two speeds - 1/30 s and 1/90 s. A flash could be synchronized via a hot shoe.
The KB 24 was designed, however, for a film loaded in the standard 135 type cassette[1], allowing taking 27 square pictures on a film for 20 standard 24x36 mm frames or 50 pictures on a 36-frame film. A pronounced external difference between the KB 24 and SL 100 was presence of a rewind knob on the underside of the KB 24.

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  1. Requires confirmation. The advertisement linked below suggests, the camera could use both the 135 type film as well as the Orwo Schnellade spool-less cassettes, while Wurst states the KB 24 used 135 type cassettes, while the SL 100 - SL cassettes.

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  • Wurst W.: Fotobuch für alle; VEB Fotokinoverlag Leipzig, Leipzig, 1969.

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