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Certo Dolly Vest Pocket w/Compur shutter

The Dolly Vest Pocket is a medium format folding film camera made by Certo in Germany. It is also known as Dolly Model A. Camera is very small, a real vest pocket one.

Some features[]

  • Introduced in 1932
  • Film: roll 127 film, picture size double format, 4x6.5 cm and 3x4 cm with a mask
  • Viewfinder: folding frame, lines for 3x4cm format
  • Lens: Certo Certar 70mm f/4, or 75mm f/3.5 Corygon-Anastigmat , or Schneider f/2,1 F/7,5
  • Shutters: Gauthier Vario or Compur (maybe some others?)
Certo dolly

w/ Vario shutter