I suppose that "ultra compact" is meaningful in context. For one thing, we'd know if it meant (a) ultra-compact considering the date of manufacture, or (b) ultra-compact even in a broader view. Another: we'd know if it would include just about any half-frame camera (because most are compact compared with full-frame cameras), few (as most don't have such a low volume/area ratio), or none (automatic disqualification for not being full-frame). A category, however, has no context. So I recommend doing away with this category. If others agree, I'll first depopulate it and then delete it. -- Hoary 05:24, 1 July 2006 (EDT)

Just throw out the cameras which belong not to this category. The Minox could stay, later the Rollei prego and olympus myu fixfocus cameras would fit this category. make it an undercategory of 35mm compact cameras ... added at 16:17, 1 July 2006 by [[User:U. kulick|U. kulick]

First, there is no category of "35mm compact (cameras)". Secondly, while I know what "35mm ultra compact" might mean, I don't know what it does mean here. -- Hoary 18:59, 1 July 2006 (EDT)

Indeed it is not objective enough to make a category, and it does not fit well in the category tree.
But at least let's make a navigational template instead: the cameras currently listed really have something in common.
--Rebollo fr 06:18, 2 July 2006 (EDT)