The SR mount category lists all 35mm SLR camera bodies with a bayonet mount for interchangeable manual focusing lenses. All lenses for these bayonets built after 1961 are interchangeable between older and newer Minolta MF-SLR bodies (the lenses before 1961 feature a slightly different aperture leverage, and thus the automatic diaphragm may not work correctly). Three major stages have to be distinguished:

  1. 1958-1966: Plain SR-bayonet featuring automatic diaphragm. Lenses are labelled Rokkor (pre-set) or Auto Rokkor (autom. diaphragm)
  2. 1966-1977: Meter coupling added (often called MC bayonet) allowing full-aperture TTL measurement. Lenses are labelled MC Rokkor.
  3. 1977-1998: MD lever added, which allows the reading of the smallest available aperture, often referred to as MD bayonet. Lenses are labelled MD or MD Rokkor.

See Minolta SR mount for details.

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