The Captaflex was an advanced Spanish redesign of the British Ensign Ful-Vue. It was made by Industrias Sintéticas Abril for the Spanish camera brand Capta. The outer appearance of the bakelite camera is similar to that of the solid metal body of the Ful-Vue. Its advantages are the choice of three aperture values and the focusing ring.


  • Type: viewfinder camera of the pseudo TLR type
  • Manufacturer: Industrias Sintéticas Abril
  • Year of launch: 1948
  • Film: type 120 film rolls, frame size 5.2×5.2 cm
  • Lens: Juviart 1:8.5/90mm
  • Shutter: speeds instant and B
  • Aperture: f8.5, f9.5 or f12.7
  • Viewfinder: big built-in reflecting type finder