Canon RC-5 remote

The Canon RC-5 remote controller lets you take pictures away from the camera. Compared with the self-timer function, the remote controller gives you more time before shooting. It is also useful to minimize camera shake when taking pictures such as night scenes or close-ups when the camera is mounted on a tripod or other support. Remote controller RC-5 can be used with cameras compatible with remote control shooting function.


  • Type: Consists of infrared signal transmitter
  • Channel mode: Two-second delay release
  • Transmission: By transmit button
  • Operating range: Approx. 5m/16.4ft.
  • Battery: One lithium CR2032
  • Dimensions: (W H D) 64 X 34 x 6mm; 2.5 X 1.3 X 0.2in.
  • Weight: 8.1g/0.28oz. (without battery)

Compatible camerasEdit

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