Canon Wireless Controller LC-2 receiver mounted on a Canon EOS A2 and transmitter shown

The Canon Wireless Controller LC-2 is a remote control device using infrared rays to control the camera from a distance. The wireless controller LC-2 consists of the transmitter and the receiver and can be used in two modes; first the standard mode, which operates when the transmitter switch is pressed; and second the auto sensing mode, which activates when an object blocks the light path between the transmitter and the receiver . Since the wireless controller has two channels, you can also control two cameras alternately by alternating channels. The receiver can be rotated a full 360° on it's swivel foot to accommodate trigger angle.


  • Type: Wireless controller using infrared light emitted by an infrared LED.
  • Operating range:
Approx. 5m (16.4ft) in a straight line course without obstacles in the light path. 
If the angle between the transmitter and receiver is 10°, the range will be approx. 4m (13.1ft).
If 20°, then approx. 3m (9.8ft).
  • Conditions: Clear weather (with sun no more than 30° from zenith), no obstacles between the transmitter and receiver, and no highly reflective objects in their immediate vicinity.
  • Mode:
Standard mode- operates immediately when the transmitter button is pressed.
Delay mode- operates two seconds after pressing the transmitter button.
Auto sensing mode- operates immediately when an object blocks the light path between the transmitter and the receiver.
  • Number of channels: Two (Ch. A and Ch. B)
  • Battery life:
Standard and Delay mode: 5000 operations
Auto sensing mode: 4hrs at 5m (16.4ft), 12hrs at 4m (13.1ft), 18hrs at 3m (9.8ft)
  • Projection angle: 40°
  • Reception angle: 100°
  • Operation confirmation lamp: Provided on receiver. Confirmed when the operation confirmation lamp (red LED) lights up.

Battery check: Provided on the receiver. Checked by pressing the battery check button.

  • Power source:
Transmitter: two AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries.
Receiver: one 4LR44 (6V) alkaline or equivalent battery.
  • Dimensions:
Transmitter: 40 X 146 X 18.5mm WHD, (1-9/16 X 5-3/4 X 3/4in)
Receiver: 21 X 114 X 40mm WHD, (13/16 X 4-1/2 X 1-9/16in)
  • Weight:
Transmitter: 60g (2-1/8oz)
Receiver: 70g (2-1/2oz)

Compatible camerasEdit

  • Canon EOS-1
  • Canon EOS 5
  • Canon EOS A2
  • Canon EOS 620
  • Canon EOS 630
  • Canon EOS 650
  • Canon EOS RT
  • Canon T50
  • Canon T70
  • Canon T90
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