Z50 Images

The Canon IXUS Z50 is a compact APS film camera, introduced by Canon in March 2000. It has a collapsible 26-52mm f4.2-6.7 (2x) zoom lens.

The IXUS Z50 name was used in Europe; in America, it was called the ELPH LT260, and in Japan, IXY 220.

Unlike most of the other IXUS APS cameras, the Z-series have an on/off switch which is a mechanical device, which also opens the flash without the aid of the electric motors of some of the other models. The body has small rubber buttons to control the flash, set the date & title, rewind the film and set the self-timer; the settings are shown on an LCD panel on the back. There is the usual APS C/H/P format switch, on the back beside the viewfinder eyepiece.

Power comes from a CR2 3v battery.