The Canon IXUS II (also known as Canon ELPH 2 or Ixy-320) of 1999 was one of Canon's famous small compact cameras for the APS film system, with all the APS extras. Canon was the first camera maker to realize that super compact cameras were the best they could offer for the small APS film cartridges. From the beginning Canon gave these cameras their distinguishing and exciting outer design. The IXUS range was the most successful APS camera series on the market. Canon's outstanding success as APS camera maker has made IXUS an important trademark in the compact camera market. Nowadays Canon still produces an IXUS line of compact cameras, but these new ones are digicams, not APS.


  • Manufacturer: Canon
  • Introduced: March 1999
  • Lens: 1:4.2-1:5.6/23-46mm zoom (including 2 aspherical lens elements)
  • Autofocus: active/passive hybrid AF with central measuring field
  • Films: APS films of 25 ASA up to 10000 ASA film speed
  • Exposure: automatic through center-weighted metering
  • Shutter speed: 2 - 1/800 sec. (down to 1/900 in tele position of lens)
  • Viewfinder: zoom viewfinder with diopter correction, showing the AF focusing area
  • Flash: reaching as far as 3 meters (100 ASA film, lens in wide angle position)
  • Weight: 170 g without the CR-2 battery
  • Dimensions: 87×57×24.5 mm